BUCS wanted to test its ambition “To Be Providing the Best University Sports Experience in the World” by finding out what its member institutions and students really thought of its competitive sporting programme in the wake of recent new initiatives including BUCS Big Wednesday, the BUCS Nationals and BUCS Super Rugby.

Client challenge:

  • Gathering and interpreting statistically significant quantitative and qualitative data on BUCS performance.
  • Running what would become an annual online national survey that could actively engage students across all new digital media platforms.


We put together a specialist team of data analysts and digital media experts to design and run the first ever #BUCSBigSurvey –challengingly held at the same time as the National Student Survey – to assess opinions on BUCS and its competitive sports programme by:

  • Collating the views online of over 4,500 students from over 80 sports across 115 institutions.
  • Running parallel focus groups with key Directors of Sport and Student Sports Sabbatical Officers to gain deeper qualitative insight face-to-face.
  • Feeding back all findings and our recommendations as keynote speakers at the BUCS Annual Conference 2017.


BUCS listened to the survey’s dual request to build further on its BUCS Super Rugby model at the national level by significantly raising the level of competition in other sports, at the same time organising more regionally-based events for lower league teams that would cater for students wanting a more fun/social ‘varsity’ experience. The results were used to inform the development of an improved, modernised framework for inter-varsity, multi-sports competition to be delivered by BUCS across its increasingly UK-wide network of stakeholder organisations.

“This is the first time that we have worked with Inside Track. What stood out for us was their clear thinking, their ability to understand the brief and they were able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the sector.”

Mark Brian

Head of Sport Programmes, BUCS