Shaping Rugby’s Future ‘From the Ground Up

Leinster was keen to test the impact of its Domestic Game structure within its 12 counties, the Irish game, and also in support of its ambition ‘To Be the Global Standard Bearer for Professional Cub Rugby’.

Client challenge:

  • Wanting to test and highlight the current successes in Leinster and reasons why it believed the existing grassroots system and approach worked.
  • Guarding against the ‘over-administering’ of the club game – and asking volunteers to do too much.
  • Shaping ‘From The Ground Up’ with its staff, the Leinster schools & clubs, and the IRFU the best structure for delivery to 2020.


We got ‘under the bonnet’ of the Leinster operation to find out exactly what made it tick and where key learnings and improvements could be made by:

  • Running confidential one-to-one interviews with all staff and key stakeholders.
  • Holding focus groups throughout the province with the local clubs.
  • Experiencing first-hand the Leinster Rugby schools system in operation.
  • Gauging 360 opinions from the Pro Team, Academy, and also the club CEO.


Leinster reaffirmed the areas where it thought it was a ‘well-run ship’, yet also used the process to identify key future challenges including – strategically managing domestic game growth; qualifying coaches; recruiting referees; developing club infrastructure; and achieving the right balance in the Leinster/IRFU partnership. We were retained to help address these through the preparation of the Leinster Rugby Development ‘Plan on a Page’ 2017-20, which has since focused the business on the three simple areas of ‘Player, Coach, Game’ development.

“Inside Track has worked with Leinster Rugby over the past two seasons to establish a clear direction for the development of rugby in the province. They have provided a valuable and impartial viewpoint through facilitation and collaboration, professionalism, knowledge, expertise and ongoing availability, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the company.”

Philip Lawlor

Domestic Rugby Manager, Leinster Rugby